Elettronic Document Filing and Computerization Business Processes

Bdocs is the document platform that can archive and share any kind of document, whether digital or paper. File archiving and document management in BDocs is very simple and intuitive.

The platform has been developed following the same methodology as paper documents are stored in classical libraries: in fact, the system is organized into storage folders, customizable according to their needs. The software is configured with a dashboard that comes with the license, by which it’s possible to set up and configure the storage path that the linked files must follow, create and customize user profiles, and set access policies for using the platform.

Bdocs is integrated with the Bprint solution in order to allow automatic submission of a document (both a word file, excell, a scan, a photo) within a library.

Some Functionalities


Manage all your files through a unique platform


Web based application compatible with all smartphones and tablets


Manage users permissions


Management of files of any kind and size

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he BDocs platform can be customized depending on your needs


We can develop personalized Mfp interface in order to provide paper achievement directly from the Mfp


BDocs works on an online platform. Upon request, we provide local installation and configuration service

Solution Overview

BDocs Running on a MFP

More Features

Storing paper has never been so simple

The archiving and document management in BDocs is very simple and intuitive. The platform is developed with the same methodology by which documents are stored in ordinary libraries. In fact, the system is organized in libraries, documents and files so that is possible store documents in three subcategories. The system is configured via a dashboard that comes with the license, through which you can configure and set the storage path that attached files must follow, create and customize user profiles and set the access policy for the usage of the platform.

OCR Function

For automatic indexing of documents and the collection of the data inside the attached documents, BDocs includes a system of integrated OCR within the solution. Such system allows both indexing a document without the need of any user, and the collection of metadata from scanned files or attachments. The result is a fast, dynamic and detailed document search.

Smartphone and tablet

Compatible with any device and accessible wherever you are BDocs perfectly works from any tablet or smartphone, in order to allow access to your documents even when you are in motion; all the documents remain perfectly synced real time with your colleagues.

Fully customizable

The Bprint monitoring tool is crucial for the information it provides about consumables. As well as detecting errors in fact, it also helps the network administrator or the staff involved in getting a real-time report concerning toner and paper levels. If integrated with Btech, it will be possible to forward alerts to the supplier of consumables, and then program the activities of supply and technical assistance in an automated way.

Unlimited storage space

No size limits in the storage of files. BDocs is an online platform and there are no file storage restrictions- it is possible to store any kind of file and retrieve it immediately.

Data security and profiling of user permissions

Each library included in BDocs has the ability of being customized according to the users’ needs or administration requirements. The user is allowed to make changes, edit and import documents, only with the approval of the network administrator. Each user can be profiled, and the network admin can impose specific rules in order to configure custom policies for the system. Our servers are protected by an international security protocol, which ensures the security of the data on the platform.

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