Control of the printer fleet and management of costs and print policies

BPrint is the solution compatible with all printing devices on the market and provides accounting for printing, copying, and  document sharing. The universal print driver makes this solution unique as one user can print from a single screen using the policy set by the company.


BPrint offers a twofold advantage to the company that it uses: eliminates paper waste and controls printing costs.

The corporate IT department in the company will also be able to have a single universal printer driver and a dedicated control panel to associate printers with users and define usage policies with a simple click.

Some Functionalities


Manage accounting rules simply by using a powerful dedicated tool.


Manage the rental contract and match it to the printers to manage any related cost.


Detailed statistics according to device, user, workgroup or headquarter.


The Universal BlueCode Print Driver replaces all commercial printer drivers.

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The technical team is at your service to customize our software depending on your needs.


We can develop personalized Mfp interface in order to provide secure printing and copy accounting.


BPrint works on an online platform and, upon request, we provide local installation and configuration service.

Solution Overview

Embedded Module

More Features

Printing Limits

The accounting tool included in the BlueCode suite allows the administration department to set specific printing limits for each user or group in two different ways:

Quota printing: set a number of prints that can be run at a certain time.

Budget printing: set a specific budget for each user.

Users and Device Management

Ability to create user profiles with specific permissions for the use of corporate devices, in relation to paper formats and finishing options, executable actions of multifunction devices (copy, print, scan and fax), use of virtual printers and login credentials to the system.

Universal Printer Driver

BPrint has a self-installing printer driver, characterized by an easy interface and compatibility with all printers on the market. In addition to the common functions of conventional drivers, BPrint client is provided with a number of advanced features such as sending a file to a virtual printer.

Print&follow: the printer releases the copy after user authentication.

Printer Device Monitoring System

The Bprint monitoring tool is crucial for the information it provides about consumables. As well as detecting errors in fact, it also helps the network administrator or the staff involved in getting a real-time report concerning toner and paper levels. If integrated with Btech, it will be possible to forward alerts to the supplier of consumables, and then program the activities of supply and technical assistance in an automated way.

Rental Contract Management

BPrint is able to manage the rental contracts of printing devices. Through the “contracts” feature it’  it is possible to set the start and end of each rental agreement for each company device, including the number of copies included and the ones in excess, as well as the fee for technical services. Through the configuration of the costs for each copy produced, the software will produce a detailed report of costs related to the printing activity. The Contract management feature allows you to also deal with complex situations where there is a multi dealer printer fleet.

Secure Print

Virtual printer Print & Follow. In addition to the physical printers, the BPrint universal driver has a number of virtual printers including Print & Follow, which has been created to ensure the secure printing in the company. By printing in Print & Follow mode the device releases the printed docs only after the user has authenticated him/herself on the device.

Detailed Statistics

Regarding usage, there is detailed inspection on printing costs and automatic management of device rental contracts. All the data regarding printers and users can be exported in excel format.

No Print Server Needed

No need of any server installation, BPrint does not use a print server. A revolutionary printing client asks for print authorizations and dialogs directly through the printers.

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