Live monitoring of the device’s status with automatic alerting system

BView is an advanced solution for monitoring real-time printing devices. Its main feature, in addition to its compatibility with all prints on the market, is the automatic opening and closing of technical service tickets. Automates the troubleshooting process. Specifically, when a printer reports an error,


BView is responsible for interpreting it, creating a technical support ticket, and sending to the maintenance company to the error message. From then on, 


BView will constantly monitor all subsequent alerts until the problem with the print device is resolved.

Some Functionalities


Monitor your print fleet real time.


Monitor paper and toner levels real time.


Manage technical device support.


Set up personalized alerts to better manage your customers.

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The BView platform can be customized depending on your needs.


We can develop personalized Mfp interface in order to provide color coverage statistics.


BView works on an online platform. Upon request, we can provide local installation and configuration service.

Solution Overview

BDocs Running on a MFP

More Features

Printing device monitoring

The advanced monitoring tool included in BView allows the company to be updated on the status of the entire printer fleet. The right tool for all the companies that have multiple locations or several floors of a building. The monitor system updates the IT department on the status of printing devices, toner and paper levels and type of errors

Alert system

The automatic alert system allows to forward technical support enquiries to one or more suppliers. The dedicated panel shows whether the dealer has received the alert and the time between the technical support intervention request and the accomplished service. Before the printing devices run out of toner or paper, the system automatically forwards an alert to the dedicated supplier.

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